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Brand Services

Launch your brand into new markets with ease. Our Market Entry service leverages our automated kiosks as a platform to introduce and establish your products.

Market Entry

Get your products in front of more eyes without the upfront costs.  It's the smart, stress-free way to increase your brand's presence using your existing inventory.


Our kiosk  dispenses your product samples with other purchases, offering consumers a taste of what you have to offer. It's an engaging way to boost interest and loyalty.

Sample Distribution

Feature your brand or products on our stunning media display, ensuring high visibility in high-traffic areas, it's the perfect blend of promotion and presence.

OOH Advertising

Join Our Collection of Unique
Beauty and Wellness Brands

At Face + Bod we're passionate about discovering and partnering with unique brands that share our vision for sustainability, innovation, and exceptional quality. We believe in the power of diversity and the impact of unique products that not only cater to a wide range of beauty and wellness needs but also embody values that matter to us and our customers.

Brand Partnership Application

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